Our History

Founders Edwin and Nancy Cahill first visited the Kipsongo slum on the outskirts of Kitale in 2001.  A village elder explained to them that, "out there, things change; but in here, nothing changes." Upon witnessing this lack of hope, the Cahills felt called to do something.

What started as a humble feeding program for twelve children eventually evolved into a community based organization overseen by their trusted Kenyan friends. They started housing the most vulnerable of the children in rented facilities,  but as the number referred to them by the District Children's Office steadily grew, it became apparent that a longer-term solution would be necessary.

In 2006, Mercy and Caring Children's Homes (MCCH) was registered as a Canadian charity and a ten acre parcel of land was purchased. Dorms, classrooms and a kitchen were built and the site was equipped with water, plumbing, septic and electrical systems. In late 2007, the children moved into their new home!

As more and more children completed their primary education at MCCH, the costs of sending them on to secondary school became increasingly difficult.  In an attempt to keep long term costs down, a high school was built on site in 2013. In addition to our own students, students from the community also began attending the high school.  The fees that those students paid helped to subsidize the cost of running the school.  In 2017 free secondary education came into effect in Kenya, so our students now attend nearby public schools. 

As of today, MCCH continues to house and care for approximately one hundred children. Of these, about half attend local high schools and the others walk up the road to a nearby primary school.